Have your say over how the Union is run

NUS Referendum: 11th - 13th January 2017 16:00

Following a successful student petition the Union can confirm that a referendum vote will be held on 11th-13th January to give students the opportunity to vote on “Should Queen Mary Students’ Union continue to be part of the National Union of Students (NUS)?”

A referendum is a simple yes/no vote and has been called following a successful student-led petition that gathered over 250 signatures. Voting will commence at 4pm on the 11th January and close at 4pm on 13th January.

Visit the YES campaign Facebook page here.

Visit the NO campaign Facebook page here.

Please note the campaigns are entirely student-led and are independent from the Union. 

Statements for and against the vote will be posted here on Wednesday 11th January. 

You must be a current student to vote, please log in to the website to cast your vote below.

There are no referenda running at the present time.


Referendums are your chance to directly set Union the Union's stance on an issue. All students have chance for vote 'yes' or 'no' in a referendum. The outcome of the referendum will become the Union's stance on a issue and the Union will be expected to carry out any related actions.

On this page you can find out how to call a referendum and the results of previous votes.

The Question

A referendum question must, have a clear 'yes' or 'no' answer, be balanced and not phrased in a biased manner, and be clear and not hope to interpretation.

For example the question "Do you think there are not enough vegetarian options on campus?" should be rephrased to meet the above criteria "Should Queen Mary Students' Union increase the number of vegetarian sandwiches on sale in Union shops and outlets".

The Board of Trustee or a nominee of the Board can rewrite the question to ensure it meets this criteria.


Calling A Referendum

There are four ways students can call for a referendum:

Submit a motion to the Board of Trustees
Students can write and email a motion to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The Secretary can be contacted via Alvin Ramsamy, the Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer by emailing a.ramsamy@qmul.ac.uk. The Secretary will then be able to provide further information of when the motion will be discussed. Click here for more information about the Board of Trustees and click here guidance on how to write a motion.

Submit a motion to Student Council
Students can write and email a motion to the Student Council Clerk Richard Stewart (richard.stewart@qmul.ac.uk). Click here for more information about Student Council and click here for guidance on how to write a motion.

Submit a motion to a Company Law General Meeting
Students can write and email a motion to the Student Council Clerk Richard Stewart (richard.stewart@qmul.ac.uk). Click here for more information about a Company Law General Meeting and click here for guidance on how to write a motion.

Submit a secure petition to the Chair of the Board of Trustees
Students can get 250 signatures from students that have not opted out of membership of the Union to sign a peition calling for a referendum. For guidance on collecting a secure peition email Alvin Ramsamy, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer on a.ramsamy@qmul.ac.uk . The petition should follow this guidance and be emailed to Miranda Black, President on su-president@qmul.ac.uk.


Referendum Timeline

A referendum is considered called at the point when it is approved by the Trustees, Student Council, a Company Law General Meeting, an Annual Members Meeting or at the point the President (Chair of the Board of Trustees) receives a secure petition signed by at least 250 Members.

The Union's Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer swill set a date for the vote to take place, during teaching time, which shall be no sooner than 12 working days and no later than 25 working days after the Referendum is called.

The referendum question will be published at least 10 working days before the vote begins, along with the argument for and against the question put to Referendum.

The voting period will be at least 48 hours and conducted in accordance with the Union's Elections Bye-Law.

At least 500 students must vote for the referendum to be considered valid.


Previous Referendum Results

Find the results for the Union's previous elections below:

Question Results
Do you agree with attendance monitoring of students at Queen Mary, University of London? (March 2013)
Yes: 143
No: 412
Abstentions: 7
Do you support the final draft of the Queen Mary, University of London Students' Union Strategic Plan 2014-17? (March 2014)
Yes: 658
No: 59