President: Talhah Atcha

Talhah resigned from the Students' Union in April 2020 in response to Coronavirus outbreak, returning to the NHS as a doctor.
Read his resignation letter to students here.

The role

The President is the figurehead of the Students' Union. They are tasked with ensuring the Union is valued by students as an effective, responsive and accountable organisation. The President represents and campaigns on matters relating directly to the education and welfare of students across Queen Mary. They are responsible for implementing many of the Students’ Union's policies and work hard to improve students' educational experience. They chair the Students’ Union's Board of Trustees and Executive Committee and attend a wide range of University Meetings. The President is the Union's ex-officio delegate to NUS National Conference.

My top priorities for the year

My priorities for this year include making the Students’ Union more representative and visibly student-led, which will hopefully allow more students to engage with the Union than ever before. I also want to make both the Union and University a lot more sustainable, and not just for the student body but Tower Hamlets in general as well. Finally, amongst my many other plans, I want to focus on postgraduates. As a Students’ Union we don’t engage with postgrads as well as we could and I feel, as the first President in a long time to be a postgrad student, I have a responsibility to make postgrads a priority in the Union.

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