President: Yasir Yeahia

The President is the figurehead of the Union. They are tasked with ensuring the Union is valued by students as an effective, responsive and accountable organisation.

My name is Yas – your new QMSU President 2017/18. I got elected in last year with a record number of votes (very gassed) and am going to do what I can to represent and keep people engaged with student politics


1: I can’t get a beard (OR GROW)
2: I have a red bag
3: I have a red jumper
4: I like the colour red
5: I find myself to be funnier than what other people might say


See what I plan to change and read my manifesto!

View Manifesto
View my action plan


Need to get in touch? Contact me on:

Telephone: 020 7882 8038
Twitter: @PresidentQMSU