VP Barts and The London: Rakin Choudhury

The Vice President Barts and The London represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to the education and welfare of students studying in the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Hello there, I am Rakin Choudhury, your Vice President of Barts and The London. Born and raised in West London, educated in the East, I am a true Londoner and love living life here. During my time at university, I have spent three years studying Medicine (to become a doctor) and one doing Medical Education (because when you realize you cannot do, teach).

As a student so far, I founded the Carrom Club and participated in several societies, charitable activities and student media, and I look forward to doing much more when I return to finish my studies! So trust me when I say, there are many incredible things to be engaged with within the Students’ Union and it is never too early (or late) to start.

I represent students studying at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, across the Charterhouse, Malta, Mile End, West Smithfield and Whitechapel campuses. So any questions you have on being involved as a BL student, let me know.

Also, have a look at my plans for the year ahead. And at the end of the day, my aims are to achieve what is best for all students so get in touch (email or drop by the BLSA Building or G18) to tell me what that is!


1: One of my favourite fictional characters is Dr John Watson, of Sherlock Holmes (well, only because he qualified as a doctor from Barts, unlike Spiderman, interesting fact for you).
2: I previously found fame at university by rap battling my peers. But when this Vice President role came, I became too big a name, and in a great shame, I had to retire from the rapping game.
3: Since Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry opened its campus in Malta, I now govern the most land of all your Sabbatical Officers.
4: My love of playing pool across the various Mile End and Whitechapel snooker clubs has seen me earn the nickname of Rakin ‘Rak ‘Em Up’ Choudhury among friends.
5: Another nickname I have received over the years is ‘No-Will Atkins’, due to my many failed attempts at sticking to the Atkins diet.


See what I plan to change and read my manifesto!

View Manifesto
View my action plan


Need to get in touch? Contact me on:

Email: su-vpbartsandthelondon@qmul.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 7882 8685
Twitter: @BLSApresident