VP Barts and The London: William Atkins

The Vice President Barts and The London represents students and campaigns on matters relating directly to the education and welfare of students studying in the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Hello! My name is William Atkins and I’m the President of Barts and The London Students’ Association, which also makes me a Vice-President of Queen Mary Students’ Union. I’m a medical student taking a year out of my studies, and in my role I represent students studying at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Union is an incredibly fun and rewarding organisation to get involved with, so please do come and find us at some point and ask about what we do! There are opportunities for almost everyone to find a way to get involved that suits them, and at BLSA these opportunities are often tailored in order to fit around the rigorous timetables that students at the School of Medicine and Dentistry can have.

Check out my manifesto to find out what my aims for the year are, and please do get in contact if you have any ideas or suggestions on how the Union can do more to represent you!

1: I was a keen swimmer when I was younger and now I regularly play Water Polo for the Barts and The London team
2: I was born and grew up in London – so I’m pretty good at giving people directions and helping them get around!
3: Before I came to medical school I spent a month acting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so you may occasionally find that I have a theatrical streak!
4: I like to play the piano in my spare time, and have previously been told off by my neighbours for making too much noise whilst practicing
5: In a strange coincidence I have the same name as the previous BLSA President, and we also both share the same favourite colour

See what I plan to change and read my manifesto!

View Manifesto
View my action plan

Need to get in touch? Contact me on:

Email: su-vpbartsandthelondon@qmul.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 7882 8685
Twitter: @BartsLondonQMSU