VP Education: Redwan Shahid

The Vice President Education represents students and campaigns on issues relating directly to students’ education like teaching quality, library provision and feedback.

Hi! My name is Redwan and I'm your Vice President Education this year! My day-to-day job mainly consists of meetings various people within the university who are responsible for your academic services and things that affect your learning experience at university. I also support your course reps and faculty reps to make sure that they are confident in their abilities to represent your specific needs. Two of the big themes I want to address this year are to look at ways we can enhance student voice at campus by empowering our students and the BME student experience. If you see me around campus, come and say hi or stop by at the Queen Mary Students' Union Hub and have a chat!


1: I love anime and manga
2: Noice. Smort (only true fans will get this)
3: I am a part-time hypebeast
4: Catcher in the Rye is the best fiction book ever
5: I have quite a unique sock collection


See what I plan to change and read my manifesto!

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Need to get in touch? Contact me on:

Email: su-vpeducation@qmul.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 7882 8043
Twitter: @EducationQMSU