VP Welfare: Ella Harvey

The Vice President Welfare represents students and campaigns on issues relating to access to education, like public transport and student finance, equality of opportunity and student welfare.

Hi there! I’m Ella, I’ve just finished a History degree and I was just elected to be your Vice President of Welfare for the coming year! That means I represent welfare needs of students to University management and also I run campaigns throughout the year to keep you safe and happy.

This year I’ll be running LGBT+ and Black History months as well as my new Sex and Relationships month in January which will look at healthy relationships and how to look after your sexual health. I’ll also be doing lots on mental health this year that you should look out for Be Kind To Your Mind and Study Well!

Until then though, if you see me around campus please have a chat with me! Tell me a fun fact about yourself or tell me what you’re most looking forward to about uni to help power me through Welcome Week! Or, if you don’t see me (which I highly doubt) just tweet me/facebook me.


1:I used to run an Animal Crossing forum. If you don’t know what this – please get it immediately it is the best game ever
2:I’m a vegetarian!
3:I have a pair of shoes for every colour of the rainbow except purple. (hint hint)
4:I was a make-up artist for three years during University
5:I can name every single element on the Periodic table through the medium of song


See what I plan to change and read my manifesto!

View Manifesto


Need to get in touch? Contact me on:

Email: su-vpwelfare@qmul.ac.uk
Telephone: 020 7882 8039
Twitter: @WelfareQMSU