Societies Board

The Societies Board is a group made up of reps from the Union's societies to develop and help steer the management of societies and student groups. It's made up of 6 elected students from Mile End and BL as well as two part-time elected Societies Officers

What does the Societies Board do?


  • Reviews applications for new societies and decides which Societies to affiliate
  • Reviews grant applications, allocating funding to societies from the £47.5K Societies Fund
  • Recommends improvements for the management of Societies.
  • Work with the Societies Officers to organise committee events and new initiatives
  • Reviews nominations for the Society Awards

For a full description of the role of the Societies Board see the Societies Bye-Law: click here.


New Society Affilaitions and Grant Funding rounds for 2018/2019 are below:




Societies Board Meeting


1st August 2018

27th August 2018 9am

3rd September 2018 


10th September 2018

8th October 2018 9am

15th October 2018













Who sits on the Societies Board?

The Societies Board is made up of your two elected Societies Officers and 6 Societies Board Members - 3 representatives for the Mile End Campus and 3 representatives for the Whitechapel Campus. 

The Societies Officers are elected through the Union's main elections and the other Board Members are elected through the Societies Board Elections (see dates below). 

When are the Next Societies Board Elections?

Societies Board Elections have already taken place for 2018-2019 however we have a few places available. We will be holding a by-election to fill these positions on the following dates. Polls can be seen at the bottom of this page when live.

Election Dates:

Nominations: 20th July (12 noon) - 25th July (12 noon)

Voting: 27th July (12 noon) - 30th July (12 noon)

Who can be a Societies Board Member?

Any society member can stand to be on the board. However you must stand for the board posistion that is relevant to your society's campus. 

Only one member per society can stand on the board. 

Why you should stand to be a Societies Board Member?

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get even more involved in some of the most important decisions that affect societies! You will gain insight knowledge of how our Union supports it’s societies and be on the board that helps develop them. You will develop new skills that you will be able to not only take back to your society but you’ll also be able to add them to your CV when applying for those all-important jobs! You will learn skills such as the ability to review affiliation and finance applications, decision making, refining your ability to pay attention to detail, articulating evidenced students feedback to those in a position to make act on the change your want to see.

This is also an exciting opportunity to further enhance your extra-curricular activities whilst at University and meet new people from other societies. Furthermore you will be a part of a great new initiative that aims to further engage the board in important decisions and activities across all societies. This is your Union and you should be able to shape it! 

Skills you will gain include:

  • Decision making
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Event Organisation
  • Budget Management
  • And much more!

How to Stand to be a Societies Board Member?

Standing to be a Societies Board Member couldn’t be easier! Simply nominate yourself on the Societies Board Election Poll found at the bottom of this page (when live).

Things you will need to stand:

  • Paid membership to a society on the same campus as you are standing for on the board, e.g. Mile End Society Membership and standing for the Mile End Societies Board Member Position.

  • Student ID number to hand.

  • Current email address.

  • Current phone number to hand (optional)

Who can Vote for Societies Board Candidates?

Each society receives just one vote. This is administered to your Society President who can call a society vote on who the society wish to vote for or the President can choose the candidate to vote for.

The President can vote through the election poll at the bottom of this page when live. 

If your society has any trouble in voting please contact as soon as possible so we can help resolve the issue quickly.

Societies Board Elections

No elections are currently running


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Elected Officers:
ME: Peter Whitehead
BL: Mathew Robathan