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All room bookings must go through the Students' Union regardless of which room you want to book. The President or Treasurer of the society must authorise the room booking for you.

Minimum notice needed when booking a room:

University Room 2 Weeks (10 working days)
Students' Union Room 1 Week (5 working days)
Library Square Stall 1 Week (5 working days)

This is the minimum amount of notice you need to give. The earlier you get your booking in, the more likely you will get the room!

For university room bookings, if the date of your booking needs to be changed, you must cancel your booking and submit another online form. No changes to dates will be authorised via email or in person at the Reception desk.

From Monday 30th January 2017, we will be trialling a ten working day (2 weeks) notice period for external speakers. All university room bookings will now take a minimum of two weeks to process. For more information, please click here.

Any non-BLSA student groups must request weekend bookings at non-Mile End locations through the Sales Team at BLSA student groups can fill out the form for weekend bookings in the usual way.

Our Receptions

Here are details of our receptions, who process all room bookings for societies;

Phone 020 7882 8030 020 7882 7368
Opening Times Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 9.30pm
Weekends: 11.00am - 3.30pm
Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 9.00pm
Weekends: Closed

University Rooms

University Rooms include all the teaching rooms on campus at Mile End, Whitechapel and Charterhouse Square. To book one of these rooms, you will need to submit the online room booking form below. 

The University has set out its conditions of bookings; these rules apply to all events within the University rooms and must be adhered to. The conditions are laid out on the online room booking form or are available to download separately below:

Great Hall & Octagon

If you are considering hosting a large scale event then you may want to use the Great Hall or Octagon. Before being able to book these rooms, you will need to organise a meeting with the Societies Coordinator to work through a budget proposal for the event.

These spaces will come at a cost - dependant on what your society needs are these could vary quite considerably so please ensure to book a meeting in with the Societies Coordinator to discuss this

You can find out more information about the budget here.

Students' Union Rooms

The Students' Union has a wide range of rooms that are also bookable by societies. To find out what is available and the size of each room, click on the links below.

As the Students' Union has over 200 affiliated student groups, it is essential that we manage our spaces to ensure that all groups have a fair chance to use our rooms. To do this, we have a Fair Usage Policy. Please click on the link below to view the policy.

Drapers Lounge/ Drapers/ Griff Inn

Societies that wish to do larger events, or events with a licensed bar, can hire Drapers Lounge out after 4pm Monday to Friday. This provides a more relaxed room for your use. Please click on the link below for the room details and booking form.

Do not directly contact the venues for bookings - please follow the below procedure 

Please check availbility of Drapers or the Griff Inn at The Hub Reception or BLSA Reception before filling in the below form.

Please ensure you fill in a risk assessment and budget template for your event - this is attached to the Venue Booking Form below.

If your event in the venue incurs cost - this will go to the Societies Coordinator to ensure you have the money available in your subs and grants account before approval of the requested date.

Once all the above has been cleared this will be sent to Drapers or Griff Inn for booking.

Please email all forms to

Ground Cafe  

Ground is now bookable for student groups!

To book please complete the booking form. (Please note that this is a different form from the venues booking form.)

The Ground hospitality menu can be found here


Ground Café Pricing Guide
The total cost may vary depending on the nature of your event. Once you submit a booking form a member of Union staff will be in touch to provide a final quote.

Hire the space only

£15/hour. Minimum of 3 hours.

Hire space with coffee counter open

£28/hour. Minimum of 3 hours.

Hire space and use catering options

£25, plus cost of catering, plus additional staffing costs of required.

Laird Hall Bookings

The Laird Hall booking form should only be filled out by student groups that wish to book the space for a show, comedy night, cultural showcase or charity raising event. For any other event in Laird Hall, the normal University Room Booking form above should be used to book Laird Hall.

Please fill out the form carefully ensuring that you read all of the policies surrounding booking Laird Hall.

Before your booking can be processed, you need to ensure that you have done the following:

  • Checked you have enough money for Stewarding and Cleaning (costs and further information can be found here).
  • Submitted a risk assessment and budget case for your event to the relevant coordinator (e.g Societies or Sports)
  • Applied and submitted a TEN form to reception if you are selling alcohol at your event. You will also need to review your alcohol prices with your relevant coordinator. You can apply for a TEN here.

Please find the Laird Hall booking form here.

QMotion Bookings

The Students’ Union is now taking bookings for the Sports Hall, Mind and Body Studio, and Active Studio (at QMotion). Bookings are being considered up until December.

Rooms are available to both BL and Mile End Societies, Volunteering Groups, and Student Media Outlets.

Prices (per hour)
Off-peak times (7am-3pm, 8pm-10:30pm) £7
Peak times (3pm-8pm) £15

Available rooms are:

Rooms available for hire
Active Studio* Mind and Body Studio* Sports Hall Dance Studio*
20 capacity 25 capacity 40 capacity 30 capacity

*AV equipment available in the room.


One-off bookings

If you are making a one-off booking for your student group:

  1. Go to QMotion Reception to check availability of the room you’re requesting.
  2. Pay for the booking at QMotion Reception.
  3. Claim back the cost from your group’s subs or grants account via expense claim form.

Recurring bookings

If you’re making 5 or more bookings.

  1. Go to QMotion Reception to check availability of the room you’re requesting.
  2. Complete a QMotion booking form and email to Shaz ( This form must be submitted to Shaz 2 weeks (10 working days) before your requested booking date.
  3. Await a confirmation email from the Students’ Union Hub Reception, which will confirm your booking request. 

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