Annual Student Meeting

Have a direct say over how the Students' Union is run & what your Students' Union should be trying to change!


The Annual Student Meeting is your chance to get involved in the debate on issues decided by you. Ideas at the meeting have all been submitted by students, and you're invited to attend, participate in the debate and vote on the changes you would like to see. You will also get the chance to hear from your elected representatives about what they have been up to,

This year the Annual Student Meeting incorporates both the Students' Union Annual General Meeting and Annual Members Meeting. We have to use these terms because of legal requirements, but don't worry it's not as complicated as it sounds - both parts will feature in the one Annual Student Meeting.

Annual Student Meeting 2019

The Annual Student Meeting will take place on:

Date: Tuesday 29th October 
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Mason Lecture Theatre, Bancroft Building 

If you have any questions about the Annual Student Meeting, email or message us via social media. 

Please remember to bring your Queen Mary ID card, refreshments and a device so you can view all the documents you need during the meeting. 

Motions to be debated

The following motions will be debated at this year's Annual Student Meeting. Please view the document here to read the motions in full.

  1. Should the Students' Union lobby university management to protect grade results during the strike?
  2. Should the university remove the smoking area in library square? 
  3. Should the Students' Union lobby the university to improve the accessibility of affordable student housing for undergraduates?
  4. Technology of Q-Review requires updating and tutorial classes should be recorded
  5. Should the Students' Union put out a statement condemning the ethnic cleansing of minorities in North-East Syria?
  6. Should girls toilets have specialist/new bins
  7. Should the Students’ Union implement a Housing Guarantor Scheme?
  8. Should the Students' Union lobby the University to ensure no teaching from 1-2pm on Fridays?         
  9. Should the Students' Union declare a climate emergency, and lobby the University to do the same?     
  10. Should the Students’ Union publically acknowledge its own issues of institutional racism alongside lobbying for the University to do the same?  

About the Annual General Meeting section of the Annual Student Meeting

As well as being a registered charity, the Students' Union is also a registered company. As a company, the Students' Union has certain responsibilities which are governed by company law. An Annual General Meeting is more formal than our usual Annual Members Meeting as it is has particular powers under company law which allow us to exercise these responsibilities.

Change of Articles

As part of the Students Union's response to its ongoing Democracy Review, it is proposed to increase the number of Sabbatical Officers from four to six. This would increase the level of representation and support available from the Students' Union. As Sabbatical Officers are also Trustees of the Students' Union, we need to amend our constitution (Articles of Association) to make this possible. We also need to increase the number of Student Trustees and External Trustees to balance this increase.

It is also proposed that in future, Student Trustees should be selected by an appointments committee, in the same way as our External Trustees, rather than by election. Appointments made in this way have to be approved by Student Council so students still have the final say. Due to the legal responsibilities of being a trustee, it is felt that these positions should be filled by the most able, rather than the most popular candidates. again, this proposal requires an amendment to our constitution.


For the Annual General Meeting section of the meeting, you are able to ask someone else to vote on your behalf if you are not able to make it. You can ask anyone to act as your proxy. To submit a request to vote by proxy, please complete the form attached here.

Proxies are only able to be used during the Annual General Meeting section. Proxies cannot be used for motion (idea) debates during the Annual Members Meeting section to ensure the voting is based upon the for and against arguments presented. This is because it would be difficult to instruct someone to vote on your behalf without hearing the debate and amendments suggested.

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