The annual Qmotion indoor triathlon in association with Campus Games will be kicking off from 07:00 - 20:00 on Tuesday 11th February!

The triathlon is a team or individual event comprising of a 2km row, 6km bike ride and 2km run.

Good Luck!

Team event:

Those who compete as a team must do one event each (ie: row, bike or run):

  • 2 km row (1 team member)
  • 6km bike (1 team member)
  • 2km run (1 team member)
  • Fastest team win a 1 month membership each
  • All participants enter a random prize drawer to win a 1 month membership
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Individual event:

Those who compete individually must do each event back to back:

  • 2 km row -> 6km bike -> 2km run back to back!
  • Fastest male and female win a 3 month membership
  • All participants enter a random prize drawer to win a 1 month membership
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Prizes will be awarded to:

  • Fastest individual STUDENT male & female
  • Fastest individual STAFF male & female
  • Fastest STUDENT team
  • Fastest STAFF team
Every participant will be entered into a random prize draw for a 1 month membership.