A Guide to Students' Union Volunteering

Have a look through our handy guide to Students' Union Volunteering.

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Volunteer Organisation

Create a volunteer profile

Click on the red volunteer button in the top right corner of the screen, create a profile and you will then be able to browse hundreds of volunteering opportunities across London. You will also receive our weekly Students' Union Volunteering newsletter.


Choose an opportunity and register your interest

Search our online database and when you find something you like, click 'I am interested in this opportunity' and someone from the organisation will email you within one week about the next steps. If you do not hear back within one week, contact us at su-volunteering@qmul.ac.uk and we will chase it up. Make sure you also visit our Volunteering Groups page to see if you would like to join any of them.



Once the partner organisation or Volunteering Group send all the details you need, it's time to volunteer.


Log your volunteering hours and record your skills development

You can log your hours and skills volunteer profile to work towards Volunteering Awards. You should only log hours spent volunteering in the community with organisations listed on our website and Students' Union Volunteering Groups. This short video shows you how to log your hours and record your skill development. Make sure you view it in fullscreen and HD.


Earn volunteering hours awards

If you log more than 10 hours and we have verified them you will be able to download a certificates from your Volunteer Profile. 10 hours will earn you a contribution award and you can see details of the other awards below. Please note that hours logged between 1 August and 31 July will count towards your award and will not roll over to the next academic year.


100 Community Volunteering Hours


50 Community Volunteering Hours


25 Community Volunteering Hours


Reclaim volunteering expenses

We reimburse reasonable travel expenses to and from your volunteering placement and lunch expenses if you volunteer for more than four hours. You need to complete an expense claim form and return it to the Students' Union Hub reception or BLSA reception along with all original receipts. For TFL travel, log in to your TFL account and print your journey history. out more by reading our Expenses Policy.


Come to the Volunteering and RAG Awards

The Volunteering, RAG and Sustainability Awards take place every year in March. Make sure to nominate yourself and your friends to recognise all your hard work.

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