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Find out how to volunteer in your local community to gain skills and confidence while making a positive difference.

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Volunteer Organisation

Volunteering Placements

Volunteer with one of our partner organisations- placements are wide ranging, with various time commitments, in varying locations and to suit all interests. Search through our current opportunities to see what's on offer.

One Off Opportunities

Join a group of other students and experience volunteering without having to commit on a regular basis. All Students' Union Volunteering One-Day opportunities are advertised in our weekly emails- so keep an eye out for them! Or have a look here.

Volunteering Groups

Volunteering Groups are set up and run by students. Volunteer alongside like-minded students by signing up to volunteer with an existing group or even start your own! More information is available on our Volunteering Groups page.


We proudly reward and recognise the hard work of our volunteers. See our Awards page for more info.

Personal Development

Track your personal development by recording the training and skills you've gained through volunteering activities on your Volunteer Profile.


The Students' Union Volunteering Team are available all year round to offer support and advice before, during and after your volunteering adventure. Just get in touch and we'd be happy to help! We reimburse travel and other out-of-pocket volunteering expenses in line with our Expense Claim Policy. We also offer free DBS checking for Students' Union Volunteering roles.


International Volunteering

We are not able to promote volunteer abroad placements. If you are interested in volunteering abroad then please have a look through our 'Guide to Volunteering Abroad'.

Why should I volunteer? What students say

Help People and Improve things!

"I quickly realized that it is not what you get out of the experience, but what the people/animals/organizations you are volunteering for get out of it; that feeling is rewarding beyond words.”
“Volunteering has proved to me that I can make a difference to someone’s life, despite being just a student.”

Develop Skills and Enhance Employability

“Volunteering has been a wonderful experience which has ensured that I leave university a well-rounded individual. It has taught me how to communicate with people of all ages, time management and also the importance of giving back to the community.”

Meet New People

“To create a sustainable community for all to enjoy it is important that both sides of the community integrate. Volunteering helps students not only meet other students but volunteering is also an opportunity to socialise with local people.”

New Experiences

"What really astounded me was the true extent of what a group of like-minded students could achieve when working together as a team- We had no limits. We set ourselves a challenges and acheived more than we could have possibly imagined...all the while having the time of our lives."


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