What is mindfulness?

Being more aware of the present, including your thoughts and feelings, your body and the world around you is called 'mindfulness'. This can positively change the way you feel about challenges, such as exams. We’ve added helpful tips, podcasts of free mindfulness classes and classes on campus below.

Be Kind To Your Mind

We’ve launched our Be Kind to Your Mind campaign to highlight how your mind is one of your most important resources. The campaign will run throughout the year and see your Union providing you with the tools and tips to keep healthy and active. We’ll be showing you that with a little bit of self-love and TLC (tender loving care) you are able to manage the normal stresses of being a student and not let it get on top of you. By taking some time for self-care you can manage your mind and avoid burning out! Always remember, never be afraid to reach out, and seek help.

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