A message from the Vice President Education, Annika Ramos

Hello and a warm welcome to this year's Education Awards!

Each year, both staff and students are rewarded through a student-led celebration of hard work and innovation. The Education awards are a reminder that your actions, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference in somebody's life. With everything that has gone on this year, we wanted to continue fostering a welcoming environment and reward our community - especially those who have contributed greatly to making the education experience at Queen Mary the best it can be. 

Having received and read through every single nomination with the other Student Councillors in education zone, it fills me with pride to be surrounded by such wonderful human beings. With every experience that was shared, we were given a tiny glimpse of the myriad of personal connections happening every day on campus. Stories of kindness, understanding, and empathy were not uncommon, and it reminded us all that goodness can be found in a wide variety of ways, and in the unlikeliest of places. 

We may never know every single individuals' wonderful and inspirational stories that have gotten them here today. But, know that through all your perseverance and determination, you have achieved great success. Allow yourself to feel proud. Make sure to take care of yourself in these trying times and appreciate that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. 

I hope that this year has motivated you to push yourself in ways you never thought possible, and as we all adjust to the new normal, I hope that you keep your enthusiasm and goodwill for the remainder of your time at Queen Mary. 

It has been a pleasure being your Vice President of Education, and as the last one before my successors take over and do an amazing job themselves, I want to wish you all massive congratulations for coming this far. 

A message from the Vice Principal Student Experience, Teaching and Learning, Professor Stephanie Marshall

Congratulations to everyone who has won an award and to the runners-up, who should also be very proud of their nominations. Your dedication has made a huge difference to the student experience at Queen Mary. In these unsettling times it is really uplifting to know that we have such a wealth of caring individuals, whose motivation is to put the student first. I look forward to the day when I can meet you all face-to-face and celebrate your success.

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