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Book Club Society: Metastream Movie Night (Get Out)
25th October 4:30pm - 7pm
Microsoft Teams
Come and watch Get Out with us on Metastream (another google extension but no account needed!) Prepare to be scared!
Society | Online
HIIT Exercise Class
26th October noon - 1pm
Marquee, Godward Square
Free Events | Sport | On-Campus
African Drumming
26th October 1pm - 3pm
TBC, Mile End Campus
Alcohol Free | Free Events | Black History Month
Monday's Ghouling
26th October 6pm - 10pm
Drapers Bar & Kitchen
Drapers | Free Events | On-Campus
Criminal Justice Society: Decriminalising Prostitution
26th October 6:30pm - 8pm
Join us for our interesting and enriching talk on whether or not the prostitution should be decriminalised.
Society | Online
Campus Biodiversity Volunteering
27th October 11:30am - 1pm
Meet outside Students' Union Hub, Mile End Campus
Alcohol Free | Volunteering | On-Campus
Bungee Trampolining
27th October 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Student Village, Mile End Campus
On-Campus | Alcohol Free | Free Events
Canal Clean-Up Volunteering
27th October 2pm - 3pm
Meet outside Students' Union Hub, Mile End Campus
Alcohol Free | Volunteering
Frat & Bat - Table Tennis Special
27th October 6pm - 10pm
Drapers Bar & Kitchen
Drapers | Free Events | On-Campus
History Society: Beyond Our Imagination: England's Other Countrymen
27th October 6pm - 8pm
Online lecture with Dr Onyeka Nubia, from the University of Nottingham, over Microsoft teams for Black History Month.
Free Events | Online | Black History Month | Alcohol Free | Society
Student Council
27th October 6pm - 8pm
Join us for our first Student Council meeting of the year!
Online | Alcohol Free
Students for Global Health: EGM
27th October 6pm - 7:30pm
Microsoft Teams
Now is YOUR CHANCE to apply to be a part of our committee. A number of positions are available and no prior experience is necessary. All we ask is that you buy subs and have a desire to make a POSITIVE impact on the world and work as a team.
Society | Online
HIIT Exercise Class
28th October noon - 1pm
Marquee Outside Curve
Free Events | On-Campus
Pumpkin Carving - Whitechapel
28th October 1pm - 4pm
Recovery Room, Whitechapel
Alcohol Free | Griff Inn | Free Events | On-Campus
Green Mary October Meeting
28th October 4pm - 5pm
Microsoft Teams
Come along to find out about our sustainability student group and get involved in our campaigns and events
Alcohol Free | Online
Disney Villains Quiz ~ Halloween Edition
28th October 6pm - 7pm
Join our quiz session where you will be able to find out how well you know the villains of your favourite Disney movies - Halloween Edition! Along with some ice-breaking activities, you will also have an opportunity to meet our amazing team!
Oktoberfest - Drapers
28th October 6pm - 10pm
Drapers | On-Campus
Oktoberfest - Griff Inn
28th October 6pm - 10pm
Griff Inn
Griff Inn | On-Campus
Formula Student Society: Library Square Stall
29th October 11:30am - 4pm
Library Square
Drop by during the day through library square to find out more about QMFS and apply for the second round if you're interested in joining the team.
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Pumpkin Carving - Mile End
29th October 1pm - 4pm
Marquee outside the Curve
Free Events | On-Campus | Alcohol Free
BioMedics Society: Essay Writing Workshop with Prof. Jayne Dennis
29th October 5pm - 6pm
Microsoft Teams
Jayne Dennis will be leading the webinar giving advice and help on how to master your essay writing skills during the year. Be sure not to miss this extremely helpful and insightful talk!!
Alcohol Free | Society | Online
Coding Society: Escape Room Social
29th October 6pm - 7pm
Microsoft Teams
Join us as we take a quick break from lectures!
Alcohol Free | Society | Free Events | Online
Household Bingo
29th October 6pm - 10pm
Drapers and Online
Drapers | Free Events | Online | On-Campus
Employable Me: Sexuality and Race in the Workplace
29th October 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Employable Me is a series of network sessions and workshops focussing on certain social aspects of employability.
Alcohol Free | Free Events | Online | Black History Month
Black History Month: A Conversation on Mental Health
29th October 7:30pm - 8:10pm
MS Teams
Description: Join us in an engaging conversation on black mental health with therapist Debra Muema, where she will explore stigmas associated with mental health.
Alcohol Free | Free Events | Online | Black History Month
RAG Halloween Maze
30th October 5pm - 8pm
BLSA Building, Whitechapel
Alcohol Free | On-Campus
Halloween Quiz
30th October 6pm - 10pm
Drapers and Online
Drapers | Free Events | Online | On-Campus
Drag Bingo
30th October 7pm - 10pm
Griff Inn and Online
Griff Inn | Free Events | Online | On-Campus
31st October 6pm - 8pm
Microsoft Teams
A halloween themed fundraiser to raise vital funds for the Anthony Nolan charity. You can expect a fun evening filled with spooky activities like: pumpkin carving and baking competitions and an escape room! Feel free to dress for the occasion! :)
Volunteering | Online
University Challenge Trials
4th November noon - 2pm
Alcohol Free | Online
QM Formula Student Society: Escape Room
4th November 6:30pm - 8pm
We are having a collaborative Escape Room experience! You are welcome to join us in our team building event even if you are not part of the society!
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Students for Global Health: GGG #2: UAEM - Access to Medicines
5th November 6pm - 7:30pm
Microsoft Teams
In collaboration with our sub-committee Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM), we are proud to present our second GGG of the year, on access to medicines!
Society | Online
Board Games Society: Mile End Monopoly
14th November 1pm - 4pm
Mile End - Stepney Green
Recreate Monopoly in real-life on and around campus! In small teams, make your way to different landmarks to get to “properties” before anyone else. Prizes for the winning team!
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