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Sat 23rd September

An aerial shot of a group of students in groups in a theatre environment. QMTC: Sketchfest
2:30pm - 6pm
Pinter Studio, ArtsOne
QMTC presents SKETCHFEST: the fast-faced, no-pressure, all fun drama festival for theatre enthusiasts of all backgrounds and none!

Mon 25th September

Snowsports MEET and GREET
7pm - 10pm
The Blind Beggar
Meet the old and new QMSS members Find out more about what we do, the socials we run and our trips to the Alps

Tue 26th September

Game On
5pm - 11pm
Banking & Finance Society: Step Into Banking & Finance
6:30pm - 8pm
Mason Lecture Theatre
Welcome to the first event of the Banking & Finance Society, Queen Mary's Largest Academic Society! Hear from our Founders as we delve into the many careers within this industry and network with likeminded individuals before we kickstart application

Wed 27th September

Bagels, Brunch and Booze
10:45am - 12:45pm
Blomeley room 2 (student union building, Mile End campus)
Welcome to the Jewish and Israel society! Come to the first event of the year and meet freshers as well as returning students at our fun brunch! Lots of free food and drink :) Everyone is welcome!
The BIG Green Canal Clean
11:45am - 2pm
Canalside, Mile End
It's time to get outdoorsy and make a difference while having a blast. We're talking litter picking, vegetation management, and we'll clean up the canal too. Did we mention free hot chocolate and snacks too?
Cupcake on Pink border with hearts, Titled: Create Your Own Cupcake! Baking Society: Create your own Cupcake!
1pm - 3pm
Come along to decorate some cupcakes and make some friends!
1pm - 3pm
Blomeley Room 1, Students' Union Hub
Welcome Event Knit and Knatter - Try something new
3pm - 5pm
The Lounge, St Benet's Chaplaincy (opposite people's palace)
Need a place to relax and want to try something new? Join Knit and Knatter for their first event this year and try out knitting or crochet or both :)
LGBTea & Coffee
3:30pm - 5:30pm
Blomeley Room 1
Join us for the first LGBT+ Society event of the year! Meet the committee and others who are looking to join! Membership is not required to attend this event :)
SWD: Social and Quiz
4:30pm - 6pm
Blomeley Room 1 & Online
We're holding a fun and friendly quiz and social event for a chance to meet the committee and fellow members. As well as being on-campus, this event will be streamed live online.
Pizza with your Sustainability Board!
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Matt Spencer Boardroom, Students' Union Hub
Come along to the Sustainability Board and meet your Sustainability Officers! P.S. we also have free pizza afterwards...
First Aid Awareness Session
6pm - 8pm
Bancroft 1.13
Are you ready to learn what it means to become a real-life hero? The First Aid Society invites you to an immersive awareness session like no other, where the power to save lives is at your fingertips.
"Social Title: Bring Your Hyperfixation" Neurodivergent Society: Bring Your Hyperfixation
6pm - 8pm
St Benet's Chaplaincy Building
Join us for a social, featuring vegan treats, tea, and a chance to meet the committee.

Thu 28th September

Qmotion Taster Session: Fitness Class
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Mind & Body Studio
BL Debate & Ethics Taster and Icebreaker
5pm - 7pm
BLSA Recovery Room
Drapers Live
6pm - 11pm

Fri 29th September

Society Switch-Up
7pm - 2am

Sat 30th September

Society Switch-Up
7pm - 2am
BL Drama Taster Day
10am - 3pm
Laird Hall, Whitechapel
Join BL Drama for a fun day of workshops in many areas of theatre, all led by our very own society members.
QMTC: Games Night
4pm - 6pm
Harold Pinter Studio
Come join us for an afternoon of games guaranteed to make you laugh! Consider this a chance to meet us, your committee in an informal setting, as well as meet and network with young creatives from QMUL!

Mon 2nd October

Actuarial Society's Meet and Greet
5pm - 7pm
Matt Spencer Boardroom, 1st Floor of Students' Union Hub Building
An opportunity to play games and socialise with the committee team and members of the society!

Tue 3rd October

Meet & Greet
4pm - 6pm
Blomley room 1+2
Pokésoc Icebreaker Pokésoc Icebreaker!
4pm - 6pm
Blomeley Room 1
Get a taster for our society and meet plenty likeminded people!

Wed 4th October

Volunteering Fair
1pm - 4pm
Blomeley Rooms, Students' Union Hub
QMSU has lots of exciting volunteering opportunities! Want to learn more? Come along to the Volunteering Fair on 4th October!
Craft Meet & greet
5pm - 7pm
BLSA Study Room
Come to our free meet & greet and meet new friends! We are giving out mirrors for you to paint and socialise with others! Snacks would be provided as well, so do come with your friends and share it with others!
Environmental Society: Sustainable Cooking
5pm - 6:30pm
Trying out sustainable cooking
PGR Drop In Social
5pm - 7pm
The Ground

Thu 5th October

Qmotion Taster Session: Fitness Class
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Mind & Body Studio
Asian Development Society: Careers in Public Policy
6pm - 7pm
To be revealed to those who have registered for the event.
Hear from Oxford-educated international policy consultant, Rai Sengupta on how to pursue careers in public policy, and how to secure admission to Oxford University for Masters.
Meet & Greet -Ice Breaker
6:30pm - 8:10pm
Mile End in Blomeley Rooms 1&2
Join us at our exciting ice breaker and come and meet new people!!

Fri 6th October

Baking Society: Welcome Picnic
1pm - 4pm
Victoria Park, Grove Rd., London E3 5TB
Welcome Picnic and Icebreaker!

Tue 10th October

EMTalk Series Prehospital & Emergency Medicine Society: EMTalk: ‘An Introduction to EM’ by Dr Mike Kim
6:30pm - 8pm
1.13a Bancroft building, Mile End
Our first EMTalk of the year will be delivered by Dr Mike Kim, a consultant in Emergency Medicine at The Royal London Hospital. He has a keen interest in teaching and will be giving ‘An Introduction to EM’, drawing on stories from his career.

Thu 12th October

Qmotion Taster Session: Fitness Class
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Mind & Body Studio

Wed 18th October

BHM Book Club: Intro to Caleb Femi 1/2
1:30pm - 3:30pm
St Benet's Chaplaincy (tent)
Join us at the first ever BHM Book Club event where we'll be introducing 'Poor', the landmark debut of poet/photographer Caleb Femi. 'Restlessly inventive, brutally graceful, startlingly beautiful' - Guardian

Thu 2nd November

BHM Book Club: Guest Speaker Caleb Femi 2/2
12:30pm - 2:30pm
St Benet's Chaplaincy (tent)
Come along to the second BHM Book Club event, where we'll be hosting guest speaker Caleb Femi, to discuss his poetry/photography collection 'Poor'. 'Restlessly inventive, brutally graceful, startlingly beautiful' - Guardian
Qmotion Taster Session: Intro to Barbells
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Performance Studio

Thu 9th November

Qmotion Taster Session: Intro to Kettlebells
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Performance Studio

Thu 16th November

Qmotion Taster Session: Intro to Barbells
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Performance Studio

Thu 23rd November

Qmotion Taster Session: Intro to Kettlebells
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Performance Studio

Thu 7th December

Qmotion Taster Session: Prehab
2pm - 2:45pm
Qmotion Performance Studio
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