The RAG Awards took place on Tuesday 26th March. Thank you to everyone who attended and huge congratulations to all those who were nominated for ,and won, awards. Scroll down to see the winners in each category


RAG Event of the Year

Awarded to a fundraising event run by a student group or RAG committee that was successful and raised money for charity. 

The winner

BL Netball presents The Masquerade

Special RAGognition Award (Group)

Awarded to the student group that has made a significant contribution to charity fundraising and RAG and has developed their student group during the year through the Adopt a Charity scheme.

The Winner

QMBL Women's Basketballl

Special RAGognition Award (Individual)

Awarded to an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to RAG and/or charity fundraising throughout the year.

The Winner

Zoe Carter-Tai