Community Sport Leaders Case Studies

Delaney - Community Sport Leader (Football)



Associate student from the University of Minnesota Crookston who was studying here at QMUL during the 1st semester of the 16/17 academic year. Her sporting background involved playing both football and hockey from a young age.


Having attended one of our induction talks at the start of the academic year, she signed up to the programme and contacted one of our local partner football clubs, Acorn FC. She made it very clear from the beginning that she was not working towards becoming a coach as her main interest was simply giving back to the community. She enjoyed playing sport herself and saw this as an opportunity to help younger people also enjoy participating in sport.


The voluntary placement that she had arranged with Acorn FC involved supporting weekly sessions with their U16 male team. Having personally observed one of her sessions, it was clear to see that her role largely involved supporting the coach by assisting with equipment and setting up drills for the players. Over the course of the placement she gained the confidence to take a lead and deliver some of the drills during the training sessions.


Delaney was the first volunteer on the programme to receive a bronze award during that academic year which included a certificate and Community Sport t-shirt. I met with the Acorn FC coaches to discuss her progress and they had nothing but positive feedback about her. By the end of her placement she had not only developed and learned a lot from the coaches but was also keen to offer her own knowledge and insight when delivering drills. After she moved back to the USA, the club had contacted me to pass on a message expressing how thankful they were for the input that she had provided and the positive impact that she had made to their sessions in such a small space of time.


“I was looking for some way to give back in the community. I just love the game and I love helping young athletes play the game. I like the idea of seeing how the game is played differently and getting out in the community. Glad I had the opportunity” - Delaney


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