Executive Team Blog

President's September Update

Hi All,

So it’s been a busy few months as President, and as the voice of all Queen Mary students, I have represented the Students' Union in numerous conferences. These include the NUS Awards in Birmingham, where we won an award for our hard work on Green Mary, the British Youth Council in Cardiff where we discussed Brexit and its implications, and I’ve also represented the Students' Union locally at the Waste and Recycling Summit event in Tower Hamlets.

One of the wins we’ve achieved as a Students' Union is finally getting lockers for students, after a motion was passed through student council last year. This is a personal win for me as a former commuting student, as I still remember the sore shoulders after having to carry heavy bags between lectures, usually filled with things I needed for sport or when I joined a Society and it acted as an active barrier for me to participate in the different opportunities that Queen Mary had to offer. I hope with the introduction of lockers that some of these barriers are lifted and that every student at Queen Mary has an equal chance to reach their full potential at University. The lockers are available on the ground floor of Francis Bancroft Building, all you need is your own padlock, look out for new lockers being put in soon too.

I’ve also been working to improve the assessment and feedback that students are provided, employability opportunities and support provided, and how to embed the student voice in our Estates.

Lastly, I just want to personally welcome all the first years into Queen Mary and welcome back all the other returning years. You’ve probably seen me at a welcome talk or at meet and greets, but I’m excited to meet you all and hear about your QM experience so far!