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Whitechapel Mission: The Breakfast Challenge

This was my first time volunteering for the Breakfast Challenge, and what better place to be broken in as a team leader than leading students as the head cook at Whitechapel Mission. The kitchen is not a place for the feeble. The heat in the kitchen would definitely hard boil any soft egg that dared to enter its domain. Though, don’t think this means it was an awful experience it was quite the contrary. It was because it was such a demanding task that made the experience for me. Every single one of us were constantly rushing around the kitchen cooking, serving, and wiping the sweat from our foreheads. A quote comes to mind: ‘the smooth seas don’t make the skilful sailor’. So I was glad it was challenging because I was able to learn much from the experience.

The Whitechapel Mission staff made the entire experience even better. As students we tend to take things very seriously and the staff reminded us to have fun. They were so friendly and helpful. One of the staff members Ramesh would always lighten the mood with his pranks on the students it was fun to watch but not when you were one of his targets. Kath was the mastermind behind the running of the entire kitchen and we would have struggled tremendously without her. Her knowledge and experience in the kitchen really shows when she is teaching the students.

This is a challenge I would love to do again!

Written by Georgeiul Islam, One-Day Leader 2016-17


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