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The Great Willy Waddle - 25th September

Grown men and women waddling in a two-kilometre route wearing willy costumes does attract certain attention. That is why Orchid puts on the event, to raise money for male cancer which usually gets overlooked and underdiagnosed. The small charity has been hosting the Great Willy Waddle for a few years now, but it was my first volunteering event I led this academic year and you can be reassured I was excited. Not because I got to see adults running around in willy costumes but also for… who am I kidding it was solely for that reason.

The trains weren’t on our side with severe delays on the central line but we got there ready to help at the race. We were stationed in different areas in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and had to help direct runners round the course with our torches. It was cold, but it was fun and entertatining watching giant willies make their way round the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park! We got to see the beautiful autumn sunset and managed to see the impact a small charity can have by hosting such an interesting and unique event. I would like to thank the Orchid Charity for having us, and the QMUL volunteers for coming. - Faria Ahmed


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