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Our Volunteer Champions lead all of our Give Volunteering a Go opportunities. Afterwards, they write about their experiences. Why not read the reports and find out which opportunities you would like to try?

Royal Parks Half Marathon - 14 October 2018

Ending the day with socks and shoes all drenched in water, what exactly happened to us? We kicked off the day by unstacking cartons of bottled water on to tables at the water stations. Distinct 'popping' sounds could be heard as all the water bottles' caps were being opened prior to handing them out to the runners. Around 9.30am, large groups of marathon runners arrived at the stations and that's when we got extremely busy! Everyone cheered for the runners enthusiastically. It was busy yet very lively. After 4 hours, the number of runners have reduced significantly, giving the volunteers a chance to catch their breath. The final task after a hectic morning was to clean up the water stations.

If I had to use three words to summarise this experience, it would be: fruitful, fast-paced and enjoyable. Couldn't be more grateful to all the volunteers who showed true volunteering spirit doing their part brilliantly despite the wet gloomy weather! - Li Ying Lim and Wei Yi Tan


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