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Breakfast Challenge 9th December

We all had an absolute blast volunteering for the Breakfast Challenge at the Whitechapel Mission on 9 December. It was a truly special and unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to our local community, as we were able to witness the fruits of our volunteering efforts firsthand with the hundreds of happy and satisfied clients we encountered.

It was a 5:15am early start but that didn’t stop our enthusiastic and passionate volunteers who travelled from across London to lend a helping hand. They worked extremely hard, bonding and working as a team to cook English breakfasts for the hundreds of homeless people who attended that morning, for many of which this was their only meal of the day. 

Two volunteers worked the coffee station, serving coffee and tea, charging phones, and handing out soap and shampoo to the large queue of clients. Another two volunteers speedily prepared mass amounts of buttered toast, while another two volunteers prepared the bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, and tomatoes. While we cooked, we were able to chat to the lovely staff, who passionately devote their lives to working at the Whitechapel Mission. The real joy came from serving the food we made and meeting the clients who come through the Whitechapel Mission doors each day, and from all walks of life.

This was an experience we will never forget, and we all left hungry to be back at the Whitechapel Mission for more...no pun intended. - Claudia Stein


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