Hear from our Volunteer Champions

Our Volunteer Champions lead all of our Give Volunteering a Go opportunities. Afterwards, they write about their experiences. Why not read the reports and find out which opportunities you would like to try?

Hackney Half Marathon Sunday 19th May

We had a bright and early start to a Sunday for Hackney Half this year. 27 volunteers from Queen Mary were stationed at Water Station 5.2. Our roles included preparing and filling cups of water before the start of the marathon, handing them out to the marathon runners and cheering them on. Near the end of the marathon, we still had many cups of water left, so we ended up splashing each other and even some of the runners (they happily asked for it) for fun! We helped to clean up the area after the marathon's finished and some of us were lucky to get an interview on their views on the use of environmental friendly paper cups instead of plastic bottles for marathons. Thank you to all the volunteers for showing such enthusiasm! You've made the whole volunteering experience fun and memorable! - Li Ying