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Our Volunteer Champions lead all of our Give Volunteering a Go opportunities. Afterwards, they write about their experiences. Why not read the reports and find out which opportunities you would like to try?

Olympic Park Clean Up - 9th October

Olympic Park Clean Up

On October 9th nine volunteers met at Queen Mary University East Gate to travel together to Olympic Park in order to help clean it up and do some gardening. At 1:30pm we met park ranger Tim in front of the Velodrome. He provided us with all the necessary equipment for the day – gloves and garden rakes. Since many of us have never used a rake before, Tim quickly explained how to use it and we were ready to go.

The main thing we had to do that day was to remove unwanted weeds which were covering the lawn. The removal is very important to keep grass and other plants healthy. Although the rakes scared a few people off in the beginning, everyone really enjoyed the clean-up. Due to of our excellent teamwork, we finished early, and there was even time for tea and biscuits.

All in all, it was a nice and sunny day which we got to spend in one of London’s nicest parks. We all agreed that we would happily do it again, and that it was a great break from our busy university lives.

- Katharina, Volunteering Champion