Social Cohesion Sport Programme

The Social Cohesion Programme with Community Sport provides a platform for student groups to organise, develop and deliver sustainable projects that use sport as a vehicle to raise awareness of issues in the local community.

Student groups were invited to submit applications to deliver projects across 4 key themes:

Theme 1 – Healthy Eating

Targeting age groups 8-11 in school years 4-6. This theme aims to promote the benefits of maintaining a healthy/balanced diet by highlighting the importance of moderation and the short & long-term impact of dietary choices. Tower Hamlets has the 5th highest proportion of obese 10-11 year olds in London.

Theme 2 – Staying Active

Targeting age groups 11-13 in school years 7-8. This theme aims to promote the importance of physical activity and wellbeing as well as highlighting the lifestyle choices that affect health such as smoking. Physical inactivity is the 4th highest risk factor for global mortality and the rate is even higher for Londoners.

Theme 3 – Lifestyle Choices

Targeting age groups 13-17 in school years 9-12. This theme aims to highlight the effects of smoking, alcohol and substance abuse as well as identifying ways to tackle the issues surrounding gang culture in the borough. Tower Hamlets is currently ranked 13th out of 326 areas nationally in terms average crime deprivation.

Theme 4 – Equality & Diversity

Targeting all age groups, this theme aims to raise awareness of inequality and discrimination by providing opportunities for specific participant groups in the community such as women & girls, those with disabilities and black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.

QMBL Women’s Rugby

Tag-rugby sessions with a local primary school whilst integrating the importance of healthy eating throughout delivery.

QM Netball

Delivering netball sessions in local secondary schools whilst promoting the benefits of staying active through mentoring and discussions.

QM Hockey

Introductory hockey sessions in a local primary school whilst integrating the importance of healthy eating throughout delivery.


Inclusive sport sessions with two local primary schools and hosting a sports day aimed at promoting the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

QM Football Club

Delivering football sessions at a local college with mentoring on topics around lifestyle choices. The club also host their annual Community Cup tournament for year 8 boys to promote the benefits of staying active.

QM Women’s Football

Delivering inclusive football sessions targeting young primary school girls who did not have access to extra-curricular football opportunities. As part of their Unity Ball project, they're collecting signatures from volunteers, participants, teachers and parents to demonstrate their reach.


Collaboration project between BL ACS and QM ACS to lead on the delivery of a London ACS Sport Varsity event. This event includes fixtures between several London-based institutions across a number of sports.

The expression of interest process for this academic year has now finished. If you would like more information please contact us at

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