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Sarrah Kaviwala

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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Sarrah Kaviwala and I’m standing to represent you as a trustee on the board of QMUL Students’ Union. I am currently a post-grad student pursuing Master of Law. I believe that being a trustee is a very important role as it allows the students’ voice to be heard at such a high level in the university. Along with that, there are many responsibilities that are left to trustees such as ensuring that the Union is functioning within the best interest of all students, safeguarding the Students’ Union’s resources, there is good level of representation on the board and in short, to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

I believe that I am someone who is ready to take all the responsibilities coming up with this role and I will make sure that if something needs to get done, it will. I will also be there to ensure that no one of at the university feels ignored or feels secluded from any activities taking place and as a result of being a trustee, I believe that I’ll have the contribution in shaping the future events and also contribute to the running of the Student Union to ensure that it is always performing to a high standard.  

Exercise you right to vote! Make a difference!  Vote for Sarrah! 

I am thanking you all in advance.