Candidate for the position of International Representative (S&E)

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S Islam


Hello all, 

I hope all, reading this manifesto, are well.  You come to know that this year I am running as international representative. There are several reasons of running election are given below: 


- As an internation student, UK is different form the country. 

- Most of the international student suffer from first day with different reasons. 

- Qmul and Qmsu have several opportunity for all kind of the student but most of the student do not get proper facilities due to not knowing the them. 

- we are going throw a worse pandemic on human history. In this situation we have to come together in this worse time of human history and international student needs more cares for online based education. 

- helping an internation student, their representative should be friendly, reliable, well spoken, honest, hardworking and also internation student. According to friends, I have all kinds of qualities. 

- As a human, no one is perfect. I will try my best to help our student union with other elected representatives. 


I hope you will vote for me and give a chance to improve the experience of international students. 

Vote is your power and use it for all of us. 


Thanks for your valuable time to read it. 

S M Akhirul Islam(S Islam) 

BSc in Computer Science with Industrial Experience