Candidate for the position of School of Law Representative

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Alina Liebholz


I am running for Law School Representative because I believe that we students need to be more vocal about our current needs, with online classes. Like many other current first-year students, I had not had the chance to experience the 'normal' uni life. In the next academic year, we will hopefully return to some normality. I believe the Law School Representative then needs to be prepared to take on the responsibilities to represent and support the law students. One of my goals is to spread awareness of mental health and the lack of social interaction many of us experienced. Current first-year students have never had an in-person class and also in other year groups, the social interaction has suffered under the restrictions. I aim to organize events (in person if possible) to promote social interaction. Another goal is to work closely with tutors and professors to show them the students side of online learning and fight for students needs.  


Name: Alina Liebholz 

Course: Global Law LLB 

Year: First-year 

Societies: Netball, Amnesty International, Law Society 

Nationality: German