Candidate for the position of BAME Representative (Mile End)

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Georgia Carr

Representation of Specific Social Groups

The University should be representative of all groups that make up society, including staff members of the University.

There should be some sort of memorial or section on campus that educates people on black history, such as the Black panther movement, George Floyd and other key figures/ events that have taken part. There isn't enough education about black history in most schools, so University is a good place to start.

Tutors and staff members should receive extensive training on how to communicate with/ respond to issues from students of colour. 

There should be more DDS/ACS or wellbeing officers in general of colour, and preferably people higher up , as the higher you go up in the scale of Queen Mary, the less representation there is.

There should be an increased celebration of cultural events, and mandatory education, to prevent things such as racism.

There should be a greater representation of students/ staff members that are of mixed heritage. It is incredibly hard for mixed heritage students to fit in with either group, or relate to specific BAME representation, so they deserve some specific representation of their own. 

There's a current lack of community (student) engagement between BAME members of staff and students. Unless taught by them, most students are most likely unable to name them. There needs to be greater engagement as well as representation.

There should be BAME centered enrichment activities that come from the students union itself, and not just the BAME society.


BAME Attainment Gap

There needs to be a greater focus on mechanisms to improve student self-efficacy. If BAME students believe in themselves, they are more likely to succeed.

The University should actively encourage BAME students to apply for university or set up a grant scheme to students that specifically come from a BAME background to encourage greater student representation.

There needs to be a greater encouragement of BAME students to study arts, law, economics and degree-apprenticeship / placement courses.



Reading lists should be updated to include more scholars that are from a BAME background.

There needs to be a greater advertisement of literature that comes from BAME authors.