Candidate for the position of Vice President Humanities and Social Science

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Somya Gupta


My name is Somya Gupta and I am a first year Business Management student at Queen Mary. Studying Business and hopefully one day being able to start and run my own business has always been my dream. When little girls like me at the age of 7 used to talk about wanting to become a model or an actress, I used to look up to my father, a successful businessman who started his business at the age of 17.  

I am passion-driven and my hard work has always been adored by my family, my school teachers and my friends. I was the student body President of my school for 2 years and always served each need of my peers, the students, and different groups. Their issues were my concerns and I always treated them with utmost attention and consideration. I have always been there for my friends and they have always counted on me in sadness and happiness. I am a really easy going person and I get along with anyone and everyone. I aim to represent all groups of students at QMUL. I’ll stand for social equality, promotion of diversity and more attention to mental stability and health for students. My policies are to always raise voice for what’s wrong and stand by what’s correct, never forget your roots and to always have a vision for peaceful negotiations. At Queen Mary, I am to represent students by more campaigns and workshops, encouraging people to come out and talk more about their problems and experiences and to ensure their mental wellness. I also believe that anything can be carried out even if it is last minute, if you have the vision for it. Last minute? Be up to the minute!