Candidate for the position of Dental Society President

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Jad Suresh

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About me: 

I was born and bred in London, North London, to be specific and have lived here all my life. In 2019, I graduated with a BEng in Dental Materials from QMUL and came straight down the road to Barts and The London. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, yoga, Netflix and before this pandemic hit, I used to enjoy the “occasional” night out too! 


Top Achievements: 
  • BDS1 Representative  

  • Treasurer and External Affairs Officer for Dentsoc 

  • Biomin Research Intern 

  • Dental Protection Student Ambassador  

  • Published Author for Dentsoc Bitesize  


What motivated me to stand for Dentsoc President: 

I have been on the Dentsoc committee for 2 years now and witnessed the changes that both of the presidents during those years made as well as the benefits that Dentsoc brings to each and every student. Being the year rep showed me the importance of the academic side of Dentsoc, whilst being the External Affairs Officer & Treasurer this year showed me how Dentsoc behind the scenes is actually run as well as the importance of finances within a society. We wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do without our amazing sponsors!  


Top Manifesto points: 


  • Carry on OSCE Prep YouTube videos  

  • PASS-like sessions for all years  

  • External practical skills seminars for BDS 3-5 e.g., endo sessions from a company 

  • CPD qualifications for any extracurricular talks you attend 


  • More mental health education via posts on social media  

  • Work closely with support staff team to increase support for students 

  • Have a monthly stress relaxation / mindfulness / workout class 


  • Reintroduce Barts Sports Day with alumni/staff vs student games + BBQ 

  • Barts vs other dental schools events to improve network and connections 

  • Equal amounts of non-drinking/ drinking socials  


  • Raise money and awareness for issues around the world particularly those that affects students’ home countries 

  • Student Appreciation Sale- Barts students are SO talented, chance to sell their artwork/ products to the rest of the school while making money and raising money for charity  



  • Re-introduce Dentsoc hoodies  


  • Work with local businesses to support them and get discounts for our members 

  • Gifts from sponsors for graduating students e.g. loupes vouchers  

  • Move from Facebook to the Society App as most students don’t use FB anymore