Candidate for the position of International Representative (HSS)

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Hinako Tamai (Hina)





I am a first-year international undergraduate student in the Social Science Faculty studying Business Management, standing to be elected as the International Representative for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

As a first year undergraduate, I believe that I can have an impartial view towards the matters of the school and as a result can improve the university towards catering to the needs of international students. 

Currently, QMUL is composed of the student body of over 160 countries, and it is a well-known for one of its most internationally diverse institutions in the world.

Yet, I feel that there aren’t many people discussing issues that international students are currently facing. 

Whether that are the challenges due to covid-19, struggles in their course, or general questions that international students may have after accepting their places at QMUL. 

As your International Reprsentative, I would aim to ensure that:

Objective 1: Support student welfare and give emotional support through actively listening to concerns, making the voice of international students more powerful 

Objective 2: Organize new series of events for new and current international students to get to know each other

Objective 3: Students are informed of decisions and activities planned?


In order to deliver upon these aims, I will use my previous experiences that I had as a member of the student council and Model United Nations to actively participate in discussions and to be the voice of all international students in the Faculty of HSS. 

We might speak different first languages or come from a completely different educational background. Yet, every heart speaks the same. I believe that regardless of our nationalities or our social backgrounds, we are all feeling the same.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to contact me to ask me any questions about my ideas by contacting me at 

Stay safe! And a vote for me, is a vote for putting student welfare as your number one priority.