Candidate for the position of Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Representative (Mile End)

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Kasandra Mavrigiannaki

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Disabled and Specific Learning Difference Representative (Mile End) manifesto 


Hello everyone,  

I am Kasandra Mavrigiannaki and I am a second-year student at the School of English and Drama doing a BA in English. Outside my degree, I am a bookshop volunteer for the British Red Cross (outside lockdowns, of course) and I write for CUB magazine! I am very passionate about literature and books and also enjoy anime and video games. 

As an autistic student, I am confident I can understand and represent the needs of disabled students from Mile End. I was very happy with the campaign for the International Day of Disabled people in December, and I want to keep up the good work done on raising awareness for the lives and achievements of disabled people. However, I believe there is still some space for improvement for those with disabilities at Mile End. 


My initiatives: 

-Run a campaign for World Autism Awareness Week (30 March - 5 April). I believe there is a long way to go with people understanding what autism actually is and how to treat our fellow students with respect. 

-Host events to create a sense of community for disabled students, such as online social events. I believe we all, regardless of ability, have felt how challenging it is to battle loneliness during the lockdowns, and disabled students are particularly vulnerable to feeling isolated and lonely. 

-If I’m still the representative when covid-19 ends, I would like to petition the university to add a quiet room on the Mile End campus. A quiet room is a dedicated quiet space for students who need to be alone, and it is particularly helpful for those experiencing panic attacks or sensory overload. I believe that all accessible spaces should have a quiet room and I am sure we can find a room to spare for this purpose.