Candidate for the position of BAME Representative (BL)

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Rayyan Zafar


Hello, my name is Rayyan Zafar, a 2nd year medical student at Bart’s and the London and it would be my pleasure to be your Bart’s and the London Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic representative for next year. I view myself as a passionate and outgoing person with a huge interest and excitement to represent those from all backgrounds for the coming year. 


Better Awareness 

·       Increasing awareness through better advertisements of events and more talks/workshops is vital to help those from all backgrounds to help appreciate and understand various different cultures. 

·       By doing this I hope there is improved understanding of cultures and appreciation for the diversity of our university to help decrease any discrimination.  

Increase Engagement 

·       I believe that by working with other societies to create and organise numerous social and formal events (especially in the respective cultural months of each ethnic minority) is extremely important in raising awareness and unity  

·       Work widely with the university on a larger scale to aid in resolving any BAME student issues  

Improving Feedback 

Vital to ensure everyone’s voices are heard - done by: 

·       Online anonymous forms for suggestions of events, ideas, etc. 

·       Encourage the sharing of common experiences and issues from BAME students by e.g., providing a forum. These can then built upon to help improve the personal well-being for students as well as the university experience as a whole. 

Make myself readily available for any students who privately have any issues that they would like to discuss and help compassionately resolve them.