Candidate for the position of International Representative (HSS)

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Martin Pászti

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Martin Pászti for  
International Representative (HSS) 


Previously I was… 
  • An intern at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture 

  • Chair of the Model United Nations club at my high-school  

  • Trainer at a karate club 

  • Volunteer at a local elementary school and an animal shelter 


I run for the post because I believe… 
  • That in our institutional organisation a fair and equal voice must be granted to every student from all backgrounds;  

  • That a good representative must speak up for those who do not find the means or courage; 

  • That active participation in communities and involvement in social life fosters academic and personal development; and 

  • That as an aspiring, determined and empathetic person, I would be a representative who is able to deliver on these beliefs. 


Moreover, if elected, I will… 
  • Be reachable on a daily basis and put students’ queries and issues to the top of my agenda; 

  • Help students find and engage with different communities at the University through social events, including ones made in collaboration with a variety of societies; 

  • Offer guidance with administrative tasks; 

  • Campaign for more funding opportunities (scholarships and bursaries) available to international students; 

  • Seek opportunities and suggestions as to how we could improve students’ learning, living and social experiences at QM; 

  • Treat my role with seriousness and accountability at all times, approaching students’ concerns as if they were my own; and 

Have an open attitude and adopt to the ever-changing interests of my fellow students. 


Let me help you to improve your educational experience!