Candidate for the position of Sports Officer (BL)

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Olivia Dupere

My aims: 
Focus on rebuilding the sports community from the ground up - 

• Events for fresher’s and second years to meet and engage with the sporting community at BL 

• Publish a calendar of all taster sessions and distribute to first and second years 

• Work with clubs to organise friendlies with local sports teams - a chance to regain match experience before the new season 



• Produce written information guides for presidents to help the transition back to competitive sport 

• Ensure merger can continue even without block grant funding 

• Continue the success of the Social Cohesion Sport programme, helping to make clubs more sustainable by training members as coaches  



• Promote events at the Griff welcoming both drinking and non-drinking members of the sports community 

• Advertise the Financial Support Fund – work with club presidents to ensure they are aware and how they can help eligible students to access this.