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Shivani Ganesh

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Hello! My name is Shivani and I'm a third year medical student with an interest in decolonising medicine and health inequalities. The term 'BAME' refers to such a wide range of cultures and ethnicities, but I hope that I can understand and support all BAME students & promote your voices. 

My goals as BAME representative are to: 
  • Support cultural societies, encourage collaboration, and organise a joint event!  

  • Raise awareness about health inequities due to systemic racism through discussions and talks 

  • Support the Anti-Racism Steering Committee with decolonisation of the medical curriculum and campaign for students to be reimbursed for their decolonising work 

  • Promote culturally sensitive events e.g non-alcohol based socials 

  • Empower students (& bystanders) to raise concerns about racial discrimination 

  • Advocate for BAME students' mental health e.g drop in sessions 

  • Continue to spotlight events such as Black History and Asian History Month 

My experience includes… 
  • Decolonising and Diversity Events Lead, Becoming a Doctor 

  • BL Paediatrics Society Vice President 20-21 

  • BL Ophthalmology Society Events Officer 20-21 

  • BL Tamil Society Secretary 20-21 

  • BL Teddy Bear Hospital Events Officer 20-21 

  • BL Project Play volunteer 19-21 


Thank you for reading my manifesto – please follow my campaign and feel free to reach out to me @shivaniforbame on Instagram and @shivani_g22 on Twitter!