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My name is Karolina Wieczorek and I am a second-year medical student going into the third year. I'm applying for the role of the Societies Officer at Barts.

This year I got involved in 7 different society committees and I have enjoyed my roles greatly. This year I have held the positions in the following societies:

  • Anatomical Society (Education Lead) - running revision sessions for students, 
  • Barts Academic Research Society (Publicity and Design) - social media management and creative design, 
  • Paediatrics (Events Manager) - organizing events and the annual conference, 
  • MedTech (Academic Officer and Events Leads) - managing online events, 
  • Surgical Society (Conference) - graphic design and software management, 
  • Circadian Magazine (Podcast BLWave) - chief editor, 
  • CUB Magazine QM (Designer) - graphic design and print. 

Working online has been challenging, but I have learned the structure and organisation of how societies work. I recognize the areas that have been challenging with the management of societies online and would like to address those. 

I am proficient in graphic design as this year I ran many social media profiles and designed university magazines. I also started Barts Podcast BLWave, which taught me about project management. I have organized festivals and events up to 400 people (including European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology Conference, numerous Model United Nations Conferences) and also worked with organisers of 4 online international conferences this year, therefore I am familiar with the social and technical requirements of online events.

I would like to improve the accessibility of all events (online) by creating groups and continuing the bulletins where societies can promote their events. I believe that by being a member of a wide range of societies I can identify areas that need additional funding, where most events are held virtually. I can recognize the technical support that groups need and would like to improve access to platforms that make it easier for students to hold events on a large scale!