Candidate for the position of Womens Representative (Mile End)

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Amy Krens and Natasha Kaur

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Supporting students at Queen Mary University of London 


  • Hi! My name is Amy Rose Krens, I am an English language and Linguistics student; in my first year of university. I was course representative, and I am currently a member of the Queen Mary swim team society. 

  • Hi! My name is Natasha Kaur, I am an English and History student. I am passionate about women’s rights and health. I currently teach the younger generation in local community.  


  1. Representing students of all communities and backgrounds plus open events. 

It does not matter where you are from or how you identify yourself, you are important to us! If elected, we would like to introduce open events around campus or online.  

  1. Tackling period poverty.  

We would like to make sanitary products widely available in order to eradicate period poverty around campus.  

  1. Reducing sexual harassment on campus.  

We want to introduce a support system where you can ‘Ask for ANI’ (action needed immediately) whether you are experiencing sexual harassment or you are feeling unsafe and uncomfortable.  

  1. Sexual education, private health plus awareness.  

It has been brought to our attention that many students have only received the minimal sexual education. We would like to change this by providing basic private general health advice and information as well as, raise more awareness in our community.  

  1. Career talks from successful women.  

Take advantage of speaking and connecting to successful women who can inspire you in your career journey 


Why are we running?  

There are several important ideas that we feel haven't been addressed within our University. We want to be able to help bring these changes. Together as team, we have the abilities to do this and contribute to helping our QM community.