Candidate for the position of School of Law Representative

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Gunjit Dinesh Madra


Welcome aboard, eager beavers! Pursuing education during these unprecedented times is a huge step. Undoubtedly, this is QMUL’s most ambitious and fearless lot of students. I understand that everyone is looking to upskill themselves and be ready for new openings.  

I am an Indian qualified lawyer, backed with 3+ years of experience, shadowing senior counsels, and as an independent practitioner. Further, volunteering and playing cricket at the national level has helped me imbibe strong transferable skills such as leadership, project management, collaboration, and stakeholder management. Currently serving as the Course Representative for LL.M. in Commercial and Corporate Law. 


My mantra: 

Be your person: Run after faculty and employers opening the best possible opportunities and better your networking. 

Voice: Raise pertinent issues and campaigns. 

Open Democracy: Regular general meetings each student can attend and feed into, helping to manoeuvre the direction of the courses and formulate decision making. 

Priority: To make my role a prime concern and always stand for the right doing. 


Contact details: 

Phone number: +44 7467 154880 

WhatsApp: +91 7986681936 

Instagram: gunjitdineshmadra30 

LinkedIn: Gunjit Dinesh Madra 

Facebook: Gunjit Dinesh Madra