Candidate for the position of International Representative (HSS)

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Neha Kasera

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Having completed a semester of Linguistics and finding myself enjoying it, I find myself wanting to get more involved not just with my course, but with the school as well. As an International student, I understand how nerve-wrecking it is to adapt yourself into a completely different place all by yourself and manage everything else on top of the acadmeic pressure. With the current scenario of the world, it can be even more overwhelming and drainning for students. I believe every student deserves to feel space, accepted and homely no matter where they are from. If I get elected as the International Representative , I will make sure to 

1.Organize more activties which ecnourages international students to socialize and meet up.

2.Ensure every international student can make their voice heard and express their opinion on the running of the school, regardless of course, year or any other factor.

3. Create more awarnesss about oppurtunities for International students both in careers and socities.

4. Campaign for flexible tuition fees payment including amounts, discounts, scholarships and deadlines.