Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Research Representative (S&E)

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Hussain Ali Abid (Let's Rise Again!)


2nd Year PhD Student 
2nd Year PGR Aerospace Engineering Rep 
Science and Engineering Rep at the University of Manchester (2016-2017) 
Founded FlightSim Society  


SLOGAN [Let’s Rise Again!] 
  • Greater Postgraduate representation in the Union 
  • A push for employee status of the postgraduate research students 
  • Improvement of PGR teaching conditions/training and payrate (by 10% yearly)


  • Liaison events between school and the students 
  • PASS Scheme (Enhance Collaboration for PhD’s and undergraduate students)  


  • Unconditional extension of PhD’s by at least 3-6 months. 
  • Extension of funding rounds for the researchers regardless of the funding status in (2021-2022). 
  • Ensure that PGR have dedicated equipment and workspace. 
  • Dedicated Mental Health Facilities. 


  • Exclusive Industrial Liaison and Career Events for Researchers  
  • Enhancement of technopreneurial activities. 
  • Science and Engineering Official Yearly Researcher Ball