Candidate for the position of Womens Representative (Mile End)

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Tavleen Kaur Taneja

My name is Tavleen Kaur Taneja. I am currently pursuing LLM FT Corporate and Commercial Law. I am an ambitious, focused & a committed undergraduate law student with a special interest in litigation and corporate law. I am capable of working in a fast paced environment meeting strict deadlines, completing casework in a highly efficient manner. I am also able to work independently and, as a part of a team and can make valuable contributions to any legal team. Having cemented my academic foundation in law with a BBA LL.B Degree from AMITY UNIVERSITY, while attempting to specialise in Competition and Corporate Law, whilst gaining professional and leadership skills.  

I, as a nominated candidate believe that the key issues being faced by the female students and employees are; implementing structures for equal opportunity in career, improving employment and advancement opportunities for women, balancing work and family, work hours regulations, dealing with workplace conflicts, career and advanced training, workplace safety and health.  

My decision for standing for the election is a direct result of concern about the insufficient attention given to critical issues affecting women. It is also a result of concern about the under representation of women in politics, policy and decision making levels and in public life in general. Given the challenges that women are confronted with, it is important to put in place mechanisms that would progressively draw attention to their needs and concerns and enable them to participate actively in public affairs. 

I aim to ensure gender equality and protect the interests of female students and staff. I ensure to guide students regarding difficulties while studying, studying as a parent, sexual harassment, etc. I aspire to mentor for the optimal choice of subjects and other prerequisites for the envisaged occupational field arranging opportunities to become acquainted with the their ideal dream industry and company as well as providing help with putting together the supporting documents for job applications and coaching for job interviews.