Candidate for the position of LGBT+ Representative (BL)

Image for Valeria Monterosso Esparza

Valeria Monterosso Esparza

Hello everyone! My name is Valeria and I would love to be your new LGBT+ representative! 


About me:

I am a bisexual women from Peru studying an MSc in Psychology with a strong passion in freedom of expression and equal rights. 


Contact me:

on Instagram as @valeriamonterosso 


Aim of campaign:

The aim of this campaign is to create an environment in which every student feels safe and comfortable being themselves embracing their own identity and sexuality. I will work hand in hand with the Pride Society and Barts and The London students in order to break down barriers and strive for equality. 


  • Prioritize and emphasize wellbeing for LGBT+ 

  • Improve and organize events for specific support within the community 

  • Increase awareness of LGBT+ by encouraging education in sexuality, identity, gender and inclusivity 

  • Continue and elaborate pride week and other LGBT+ events 

  • Promote an intersectional community working with allies, the BME Rep, Women’s Rep, Trans Rep, International Rep and Disabilities Rep