Candidate for the position of School of Medical and Dental Sciences Pre-Clinical (Medicine) Representative

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Abdulaziz Almutairi (Aziz)

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Hello everyone!

I’m Aziz, an international medical student from the Middle East, currently in second year. And I am running for the Pre-clinical Rep position.



-I will voice all of your concerns and suggestions to the university and advocate for them.

-I will work with other representatives and student group leaders to achieve the best outcome for you.

-I plan to hold social, educational and mental wellbeing-related events for you. COVID:

-I will communicate your concerns about how the pandemic has affected your education and mental health and try to work with the university to facilitate your wants and needs.



-I plan to work with the university to arrange more learning and practice opportunities for OSCE skills in first and second year.


-I plan to restore the sense of community that we are being deprived of in online learning by organising more social events



Please remember voting is from March 1st to March 4th. I am very appreciative of your vote and support!