Candidate for the position of Secretary (HSS)

Image for Qiyue Kang

Qiyue Kang (Fan Xin (Fancy))

My name is Qiyue Kang.I majored in management in business school. I want to run for the Secretary of HSS. I hope I have the honor to contribute myself. 


Why you should vote me ? 

I am an optimist in my life. I firmly believe that giving someone a rose hand has a lingering fragrance. I am willing to pursue it, never give up, and always study. Secondly, I have participated in many large-scale activities when I was in University. Hosting evening parties, reciting poems and playing piano is my personal specialty. Besides, I have also participated in the development and progress of the activities, carefully planning and assisting in the proper conduct of various affairs, so I have some relevant experience. 


What motivate me to stand ? 

When the epidemic situation was the most serious last year, I spontaneously participated in the fight against the epidemic. At that time, the Chinese government temporarily closed the city for the sake of people's life safety, people-oriented and regardless of the level. For a moment, many people felt nervous and lost their freedom. At this time, I firmly stand up and take the lead in donating to the people in need. I also take some risks to raise materials and offer sympathy to the lonely elderly and children without protective clothing, hoping to bring them warmth and hope. So I have strong action execution and appeal, I can accomplish things funny, and have my own experience and way to deal with the reconstruction and recovery of the epidemic situation. 


What I will do ? 

As a secretary, I not only have rich experience in public welfare activities, but also have a lot of copywriting experience, which can greatly improve the efficiency in the implementation. The key point is that I can combine the two very well. Through the personal practice during the anti epidemic period, how to make our next work appealing, I am confident that I can help the president to carry out the meeting and hold the meeting at the first time Grasp the core point. 


How to achieve ? 

As for the current requirements of secretary HSS, I think we can first collect some relevant data before the outbreak and during the severe period, so that we can make intuitive comparison and analysis during the discussion and reconstruction. At the same time, the active anti epidemic policies and effective anti epidemic behaviors that I have seen in China can be integrated, complemented and exchanged in combination with the regional characteristics and cultural differences of population in London, which is a very important behavior in the future work. After a special year, we have made concerted efforts, but we still can't relax. I will regularly and spontaneously organize the popularization of knowledge about the epidemic and communicate with different age groups. What is their biggest problem? I will make corresponding records for each action, how to make the meeting flow more smoothly and fluently without making others feel tired and boring, whether we can carry out innovation and reform, avoid the time difference out of sync, and maximize the timeliness and convenience of everyone. Because of the epidemic, many of us are not in the same area. I will brake the motion of each meeting according to its particularity.