Vice President Welfare

About the role

Are you interested in engaging in campaigns related to mental health, housing, equality of opportunity, and student support? If so, the Vice President Welfare is a great opportunity to oversee a wide variety of projects and play a key part in shaping Queen Mary Students’ Union.

You’ll represent students and run campaigns on matters relating to improving student welfare, such as finance, safety and health. You’ll also represent students in the local community to local councils, police and other local organisations. You’ll assist with implementing Student Council policies about welfare, represent student’s views and act on issues affecting them, lobby the university and work closely with the other Execs on initiatives such as liberations months. You’ll also sit on the Students’ Union's Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, overseeing financial, legal and strategic tasks.

Role description

The Candidates

Emilia Copeland

EC for VP!

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Leilani Van Someren

Promoting a safe, sustainable and social campus.

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Tahmid Khan

Cost of living support, creating more safe spaces on campus, and improving housing standards. If these things matter to you, check out my manifesto and vote for me.

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Tamara Walcott-Brown

A passionate mentor and psychology student who is no stranger to adversity and hard work. Highly resilient and wise through life experiences and eager to make a positive difference. I want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to voice their needs. Vote for me to be Vice President Welfare!

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