Vice President Welfare

About the role

The Vice President Welfare represents students and runs campaigns on matters relating to student welfare, including mental health, wellbeing, housing, safety and student support. The Vice President Welfare will also work with the local community to improve the services that are offered to students. They’ll also assist with implementing Student Council policies about welfare, meet with students to understand their concerns, lobby the university, chair the Welfare Board and run their own campaigns and projects.

Role description

The Candidates

Muneer Hussain

I believe that as students, we are humanity's greatest asset. If the welfare of the students are catered for, then the welfare of the world will follow naturally. Our wellbeing comes above all else and it’s time we put ourselves first. A vote for me is a vote for yourself.

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Nino Matozan

Dear fellow QMUL students, In light of recent events and behaviour displayed by the university, I have decided to step forward and nominate myself as a VP Welfare. I want to be your voice and back you up on all the issues that impact your quality of life and education.

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Aleyna Fatma Tosun

(Let's Rise Again!)

My name is Aleyna and I have led a nationally accredited mental health social action project. I have been vocal and have closely worked for the welfare under-represented communities (i.e. BAME). If elected, I intend to introduce a student welfare scheme which aims to put mental health first.

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Ushna Zaineb

I am well aware of the feeling that there’s no one you can turn to. As a welfare officer, I will be the friendly face you can vent to and will introduce a platform where you can discuss wellbeing related issues as well as anonymously report stalking, bullying or harassment.

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Roshni Thapar

I’ve been involved in various activities whilst at Queen Mary, from societies, volunteering to being a representative! I am passionate about helping support students. I will work on efficiently responding to the evolving Covid-19 situation and other welfare issues such as mental health, sexual assault, financial hardships and campus safety

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Muna El-Zeet

Hi, I’m Muna, a final year medical genetics student! I’m determined to make a difference and am incredibly passionate about providing a space for all students – no matter their race, religion, sexuality, age or gender where they can feel safe and listened to.

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Krithikaa V K

I’m Krithikaa studying MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Being a person with faith in modern values highlighted my position as a representative in students forum. With the same, I would love to lead my peers as VP Welfare and commit our efforts towards such values and showcase the best possible results.

Beatrix Andrews

Welfare isn't just about physical wellbeing and covid-19 has illustrated the need for strong advocacy to QM governance to improve student welfare. As VP Welfare I will put the needs of students first, advocating for you and holding the university to account to protect student rights and create practical solutions.

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