Trauma Surgery Teaching Series by BLAPRAS x SGSS x Friends of David Nott Foundation

Wednesday 21 February 2024, 5pm - 8pm

Barts and the London and St George's University
About this event

We bring to you the first teaching series of this term - From Head to Toe: An Exploration into Trauma Surgery! This is a collaboration between Barts and the London Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (BLAPRAS) , St George's University Surgical Society (SGSS) and Friends of David Nott Foundation with the input of Consultant Trauma Surgeons. 

There will be 4 sessions encompassing the different areas of trauma surgery spanning between the week of 19th Feb to week of 11th March. 

  1.  Head and Neck (Neurosurgical Trauma Talk + Airway Management and Tracheostomy Workshop) - 21st Feb (Wed), 1700-2000 at St George's University
  2. Abdomen (Abdominal Trauma talk + Bowel/Vascular Anastamoses Workshop) - 29th Feb (Thurs), 1800-2030 at Barts and the London
  3. Chest (Chest Trauma Talk + Chest Drain Insertion and Needle Decompression Workshop)  - 6th March (Wed), 1700-2000 at St George's University 
  4. Extremeties (Extremeties Trauma Talk + Flap Reconstruction Workshop) - 9th March (Sat), 0900-1200 at Barts and the London

Each session will be around 2 hours long with first hour being a consultant talk and the second hour being a trauma practical session! Please note that we have limited spaces for this course and it will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis. Due to the advanced nature of our practicals, participants should ideally have already completed a Basic Surgical Skills Course. 


 Participants must meet the following criteria to obtain certificates of participation:

  • A pre-event and post-event questionnaire filled out
  • A pre-session and post-session feedback form filled out for speakers and workshop leads
  • Attendance to all 4 sessions (if you cannot make it to all 4, we will provide you individual certificates of the ones you have attended).


Why purchase a ticket?

  • Part of the proceeds will be donated to the David Nott foundation. 
  • With the recent introduction of the UKMLA and the specific focus on Trauma surgery there is a unique need for the provision of teaching in this area
  • To our knowledge, we would be the first to organise a face-to-face teaching Trauma Surgery series programme designed for medical students at a regional level.
  • This teaching series was created with Consultant Trauma Surgeons at The Royal London Hospital and St George's University Hospital which are both Major Trauma Centres.
  • Barts and the London Medical School offers a 4-year Trauma SSC programme, TSCIPP (Trauma Sciences and Care of the Injured Patient Programme) , which gives a limited group of indiviudals exposure to the Royal London Hospital’s Major Trauma Centre.  It provides invaluable insight to the trauma patients’ pathway from resus to rehab and allows students a greater understanding and appreciation of the multi-disciplinary care in trauma. We want to  provide more opportunities to more students who have yet to gain  exposure to trauma care. St George's University as well as many other medical school does not offer any trauma programmes to expose students to their Major Trauma Centres and therefore our talks and practicals would be of interest to many students.


Who is leading this teaching series?

  • Daniella Reyes: President of BLAPRAS, TSCIPP Student, Barts Y4 Student
  • Gozde Gultekin: Conference Lead of BLAPRAS, Barts Y3 Student
  • Joshua Golding: Representative of the David Nott Foundation,  St George’s Surgical Y3 Student

Stay tuned on our social media to find out about our speakers and trauma practicals we are hosting! Follow us on instagram @blplasticsurgerysoc , @fdnf.sgul , @sgulsurgicalsoc


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