Saudi Flag Day

Friday 08 March 2024, 6pm - 9pm

UCL Main Campus, Gower St, London WC1E 6AE
About this event

The Queen Mary Saudi Society is excited to host a celebration for Saudi Flag Day at University College London (UCL). This special event is designed to honor and share the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia with attendees from various backgrounds. The celebration will feature a range of activities and offerings that highlight the traditions and hospitality of Saudi culture.

Guests will have the chance to enjoy authentic Saudi cuisine, providing a taste of the kingdom's diverse flavors. Traditional Saudi coffee will also be available, inviting attendees to experience the unique and aromatic brew that is a staple in Saudi hospitality. Additionally, the event will include engaging games and activities that are reflective of Saudi traditions, ensuring a fun and interactive environment for all.

The Queen Mary Saudi Society welcomes everyone to join this festive occasion. It's an opportunity to immerse in Saudi Arabia’s cultural richness, fostering a spirit of unity and friendship among people from all walks of life. This celebration is not only about enjoying good food and fun activities but also about learning and appreciating the cultural diversity that Saudi Arabia has to offer.


- Event: Saudi Flag Day Celebration by Queen Mary Saudi Society
- Location: University College London (UCL)
- Highlights:
  - Sampling of authentic Saudi cuisine
  - Traditional Saudi coffee experience
  - Fun games and cultural activities
- Invitation: Open to everyone, aiming to celebrate Saudi culture and promote inclusivity
- Goal: To provide an engaging and educational experience, showcasing the beauty of Saudi traditions and fostering a welcoming community spirit.

This event is set to be a memorable gathering, offering insights into Saudi culture within a festive and inclusive atmosphere.

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