QMTC: Anything goes Festival 2022

Friday 25 November 2022, 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Pinter Studio, ArtsOne, Mile End Campus, QMUL
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Join us for 2 nights to see 4 new shows by QMTC! The Anything Goes Festival allows writers in the company to put on... anything!


Friday 25th November:

18:30 - Heaven in Hiding by Rishiraj Maiti

Stanley Brown is an boring average man in a boring average world whose been treated horribly by everyone around him. When it gets to a breaking point he decides to take his own life and lands up in hell. Confused by this, Stan embarks on the trial of the 7 deadly sins to finally reach paradise

20:30 - London After Midnight

A Victorian Melodrama coming apart at the seams. At the centre are a middle class couple, a woman having dark dreams about an evil stranger and her seemingly heartless husband who lives a secret life. Meanwhile a serial killer stalks London. Will they reconcile before the killer strikes again?

Friday 26th November:

18:30 - Paper Walls by Nancy Lambert

A drama with comedy involving two couples, each living either side of one wall. The play indulges our nosiness and allows us to discover what is going on in the room next door, as it covers the same 25 minutes twice, first with the first couple, then with the second

20:30 - Jeff and Annette: the Revenge of the Book of the Human Condition

Ever wondered what it feels like to be stuck in a small box so that people can watch you and have a laugh at your expense? Good. This is literally it. Join Jeffery Thickwicket, his lovely roommate Annette and let the velvety smooth voice of our award-Winning Narrator transport you into this world envisioned by a Writer with a nothing-less-than holy enlightenment and brought to life by one of Theatre’s greatest returning Directors Oh, Phil’s there too

To find out more and to get in touch, find us on Instagram @qmtheatreco

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